CVS services will be permanently unavailable

almost 12 years ago by on
CVS services (including CVSup and CVSweb) will be permanently unavailable on Fri Mar 16 03:00 UTC 2007. The source code repositry has been moved to SVN...

Ruby 1.8.6 released

almost 12 years ago by on
Ruby 1.8.6 has been released. (announced on [ruby-list:43267])The source is available under three formats. (md5: e558a0e00ae318d43bf6ff9af452bad2, sha256...

Proposals now being accepted for RubyConf 2007 presentations

over 11 years ago by on
David A. Black announced on ruby-talk that presentation proposals for RubyConf 2007 are now being accepted. The form is at http://proposals.rubycentral...

Ruby Logo Contest

over 11 years ago by on
The Ruby Association open the Ruby Logo Contest. Please submit your logo!...

RubyConf 2007 Registration Now Open

over 11 years ago by on
Registration is now open for RubyConf 2007: You can see the conference agenda at

Euruko 2007: The European Ruby Conference

over 11 years ago by on
Planning is underway for Euruko 2007 Euruko 2007 will be located in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday & Sunday 10th and 11th November, 2007. There is...

Net::HTTPS Vulnerability

~11 years ago by on
A vulnerability on the net/https library was reported.Detailed information should be found at the original advisory: ImpactThe vulnerability exists in...

Ruby 1.9.0 Released

almost 11 years ago by on
Matz announced the release of Ruby 1.9.0, a development release. You can fetch it from:

Ruby logo available

almost 11 years ago by on
The official Ruby logo is available to download under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license now. Available formats are Illustrator/SVG/PDF/PNG...

Ruby Fool's Conference

almost 11 years ago by on
The first Ruby Fools conference will be held on April Fools’ Day in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference organizers intend to cater a bit to both...