Spam protection to Typo

almost 9 years ago by Mark Carey on Kognitive Jelly.
I updated to the latest trunk of Typo today and with that got Akismet Spam Protection. Also they added the ability to moderate comments in the admin panel...

Testing Google’s Accessible Search with the Ruby Accessibility Analysis Kit

almost 9 years ago by Peter Krantz on Peter Krantz.
Recently Google Labs released Google Accessible Search - Accessible Web Search for the Visually Challenged. Running the search page (

rails captcha and testing using mock objects

almost 9 years ago by manik on From Delhi, about everything.
To prevent bots from Signing up on our application, we added a captcha to our User model. We used the validates_captcha plugin available at http://svn...


almost 9 years ago by Brandon Keepers on
acts_as_audited is an Active Record plugin that logs all modifications to your models in an audits table. It uses a polymorphic association to store an...

Deutsches Rubyists

almost 9 years ago by Austin Ziegler on halostatue.
In the last ten days, I have met two charming German Rubyists: Hagen (whose surname I never learned) and Urban Hafner. I missed meeting Armin Roehrl because...

A Plea to the Ruby on Rails Core Team

almost 9 years ago by Simon Harris on My hovercraft is full of eels.
Yet another plea: Please don't add foreign-key migrations, schema validations or for that matter acts_as_taggable or any significant number of the myriad...

Singletons: Only The Lonely

almost 9 years ago by Coda on codablog.
I’ve never really spent much time on design patterns, but recently I’ve been reading Head First Design Patterns and I can’t help but notice...

Happy Birthday

almost 9 years ago by Phillip Toland on Fiat Developmentum.
Today was my 30th birthday and 11th wedding anniversary. My wife made an awesome Ruby on Rails themed birthday cake and brought it to work after lunch....

Trac is BACK!!

almost 9 years ago by Mark Carey on Kognitive Jelly.
Just checked out and it’s back up. Finally! Looking forward to seeing things moving again, and catching blogs like Ryan...

Rails programmer needed!

almost 9 years ago by Coda on codablog.
So I’m going to be leaving Gilsson shortly for a new startup in Berkeley, which means that my old job is now open. If you’re within commuting...